Dieses Tor soll an den Bau der Great Ocean Road nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg erinnern. Sie wurde gebaut von australischen Veteranen des WK I, die nach ihrer Rückkehr oft arbeitslos waren.

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In 1917 the Great Ocean Road Trust, a citizen initiative, was established to build the road and provide employment for returned servicemen. From 1919 work proceeded in stages, according to the availability of men and money. A total of three thousand ex-servicemen worked with pick and shovel, using the stone and natural materials of the aerea. They stayed in well-organised camps complete with vegetable plots, cooks and pianos.

Here, at Eastern View, travellers paid a toll to use the Great Ocean Road from 1922 until 1936 when the government took over the road and its maintanance. The Great Ocean Road fulfilled a dream to link up the seaside settlements, open up the soast for development and provide the motoring public with 'one of the most beautiful ocean drives in the world'.

today the Great Ocean Road stretches from Torquay to Nelson. It combines wonderful landscape and seascapes with the bush of national parks and conservation reserves. Each year 1.2 million vehicles pass under the archway and millions of visitors enjoy vistas and activities along the Great Ocean Road.

Refer: www.greatoceanroad.org.au